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  • How to Meditate for Fitness: Practical Tips for Beginners

    By now you already know all the benefits of meditation on your lifestyle and overall health. But did you know it can help you during exercise and can help you reach your fitness goals? Yup! Meditation is great because it:

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  • Summer's Tip on Starting Your Wellness Journey

    Summer wearing the Lola Getts Baseball Tee with Mesh Sleeves in black and maroon.

    I am motivated to stay fit and healthy because I want to actually live this life I've been given. I want to be preventative so that I don't have to be limited illnesses later in life. I do a lot of different things to stay active, from walks with my dog to classes at the gym, and when all else fails, random dancing around the house is good to build up a sweat! I even get my family and friends involved in the activity, whether it be cooking/trying new recipes or trying the new Zumba class.

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  • National Women's Health Week and Lola Getts!

    Say Yes! to your health this week by taking steps toward a healthier you.  It's National Women's Health Week and to celebrate, we are giving you:

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  • What gets you up in the morning?

    Recently, I asked this question to several people and was surprised at how many people struggled to answer it; I was surprised only because I have an ever-growing list of things that motivate me in the morning and keep pushing me forward from day to day.

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  • 4 Tips For Making your Workouts Eco-friendly

    Happy Earth Day Lovelies! Let's celebrate this gorgeous planet by greening up our workouts today and in the future. Here are our 4 Tips to making your workouts Eco-friendly!

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  • Loni Love on The Rachael Ray Show!

    Loni Love was just on The Rachael Ray Show this Friday talking about the thought behind her Collection. We are so so proud to be represented by Loni and have that platform to give the curvy girl space in the fitness world!

    In the segment also, Loni did a fitness makeover on a guest who is working hard to be on her journey to health. It's so inspiring as well as refreshingly funny. Watch it below for yourself!

    Can't get enough of the Loni Love Collection?  Neither can we!




  • Olivia's Journey: Running with Curves

    My running journey started on Valentine's Day 2013, when I decided to take the steps necessary to love me and pursue a healthy life.
    I had my twins just about 6 months prior and was balancing raising three
    children under 3 years old as my oldest son was 18 months old when my twins arrived. I went to a doctor's appointment for a check up and my doctor wanted to put me on high blood pressure medications. I remember leaving the doctors office saying that I would not fill those scripts and take action. To this day, I have those scripts in a frame, that serve as a reminder of how far I've come.
    While I stayed home with my children in the early month, I would go out for walks as prompted by my loved ones to get a break and just have time for myself. I enjoyed these moments and decided that I would make it a habit. I downloaded the Couch to 5K app and started training and before I realized I was a runner. I signed up for my first 5K race which took place in June 2013 and I got bit by the running bug. Thirsting for more, I started to train for my first 10k , which I did that fall and the rest is history. Each time I completed a race, I challenged and pushed myself  which helped me complete 5 half marathons in 2014. The sky was the limit and in early 2014 I decided that I would go for the gold and complete a marathon.

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  • Read These 7 Things to Help You Fall in Love with Yourself this Valentine's Day

    We all know that in the path to becoming the best, shiniest, brightest, awesomest version of ourselves, there may be times when we need a little boost during our journey. So we thought this Valentine's Day, we'll forgo with the romance and start a practice of showering ourselves with love. Here are a few quotes we found that really got our self-love practice going.

    1. First is the best advice of all, putting yourself first.

    2. Recognize your place in your own life. 

    3.  Own yourself and everything you stand for openly and freely.

    4. Take care how you speak to yourself.

    5. Speak Like you love yourself.

    6. Realize that you are a treasure.

    7. Observe what makes you happy.

  • The Loni Love Collection is Finally Here!

    The Loni Love Collection is officially available for purchase! We partnered with Loni and her stylist Oakley to bring you the best combination of fit and style unique to Loni's fabulous personality. Loni and Oakley wanted this collection to reflect her busy lifestyle. To give you a more information about wat really motivates the style of the collection, we sat down with Loni to answer a few questions.
    Tell us what you favorite "active" is? And how do you stay motivated?

    LONI: I love walking on the beach. It very refreshing and allows me to think and watch cute men at the same time.

    What do you Love about Lola Getts? Why did you choose to do an activewear collection?

    LONI: I love the way the clothes look and feel against my skin. Very comfortable and stylish. They are great for working out, traveling or lounging around in!

    What is your favorite piece from your collection and why?

    LONI: I love the shirts..they cover your body while giving you room to exercise. It better than a t-shirt that can be tight and confined when working out.

    When do you wear your Lola Getts? 

    LONI: Working out, traveling, going to the studio.

    How important is it to live a healthy lifestyle and why?
    LONI: Life is easier when you are healthy. No matter what size I am I can always do some it to make my body feel and look better. The clothes from my line help me because I know they fit and look good.

    Shop the entire Loni Love Collection Now!

  • Introducing January Journeys!


    Lola Getts and the amazing fitness app Sworkit are excited to share our partnership and commitment to you, the curvy girl. We are determined to change how the fitness world sees the curvy girl who either lives a healthy lifestyle or is on the journey to making the change.

    Sworkit shares our vision of a fitness community that is supportive and committed to every BODY! That’s why we’re dedicating the entire month of January to sharing inspirational stories of curvy women rocking that fit life with confidence, dedication, and style. They’re ready to share their stories on their journey. We know they’ll inspire and motivate you as much as they have inspired and motivated us.

    We’re also doing a weekly giveaway for you, our wonderful Lola girls. Every week, we’ll be giving away:

    • 1 Lola Getts Gift Card worth $100.00
    • 1 Year Membership to Sworkit Premium

    Sign up for the January Journeys Giveaway!

    Lot’s going on this month and we just can’t wait to get started!

    Whatever your active is, we want to inspire you to get moving, get motivated and get inspired to live a happy, healthier life. So Let’s “Getts” Going!!!

    More about Sworkit:

    Sworkit was created to give everyone the ability to workout. Their goal is to make it accessible from anywhere and provide workouts for anyone no matter the level that they are starting at. They break working out down into simple exercises that can be modified and performed with any injury or restriction. They are committed to providing you with all the tools to make exercise simple and easy to start.

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