4 Tricks to Avoid Post-Halloween Candy Temptations

Halloween has come and gone but the candy-in-bulk is still here to stay for the rest of the year. It's easy to say "out of sight, out of mind" when it comes to the temptation of eating candy but  not so easy to practice when you're left staring at bags of Halloween treats because you bought too much, your co-workers' candy bowls are still at their desks or, if you're a parent, your kids' Halloween haul is flaunted in front of you.  Nothing can sabotage your fit and wellness journey more than a post-Halloween candy-binge. We'd all like to go cold-turkey, but for those of us who can't here are a few tricks to help you avoid the temptation or at least keep it at bay.

  1.  Eat Slower - Mindless candy eating is a thing, especially when you have a bowl full of snack-size treats. Try switching it up and opening the wrappers and eating with your non-dominant hand (If you are right-handed, eat with your left-hand). Research shows that just by slowing it down, you can decrease what you consume by about 30%!
  2. Drink Water -  Water stops a lot of cravings so keep your hands and your mouth busy by having a glass or bottle water handy. Maybe even put a water pitcher and cup by the candy bowl and commit to drinking a glass before you grab for that piece of chocolate.
  3. Keep Your Mouth Minty Fresh - Don't you hate it when you eat something that ruins your perfectly clean-teeth-feeling after you brush them? Try brushing your teeth or gargle with mouth wash when you want to grab for a piece of candy.
  4. Get Your Sugar Fix A Healthy Way - Keep that sugar craving at bay by incorporating healthier sugars in your meals - half a banana or raisins with your cereal, fresh fruit throughout the day or keep it festive into the holiday season with some hot cider. We guarantee it has less sugar than those fun-size chocolate bars.



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