4 Tips For Making your Workouts Eco-friendly

Happy Earth Day Lovelies! Let's celebrate this gorgeous planet by greening up our workouts today and in the future. Here are our 4 Tips to making your workouts Eco-friendly!

Exercise Outside

The first steps to living a greener and eco-friendly is to become in tune with your environment and connect with this beautiful world around us. Having that connection will make you more conscious of how you live and how your lifestyle effects the world around you. Jogging, biking, hiking, yoga or swimming outdoors is a great way to get your workout in while appreciating nature.

One idea is to practice eco-friendly running or walking. The idea is to go for a walk or jog with a trash bag and pick up litter along the way.

Nix the Electricity and Gas

You know what's more soothing than a nice yoga session?  A yoga session with candles. Try lighting a few candles instead of turning on the lights during your workout. You'll thank us later.

If you are going to the gym, try walking, biking or jogging there instead of driving. Make the travel part of your workout!

Go Green with Your Products

Ditch those plastic water bottles and opt for your own BPA-free reusable water bottle.  Or make your own pre and post-workout snacks forgoing those nutrition bars with a lot of plastic.

Try Eco-friendly Workout Gear

This means opting for yoga mats that are made from 100% recyclable material and clothes that are made sustainably.

At Lola Getts, we are making an effort to green all our gear. A variety of our tops from our new collection including our flutter back tee and sleeveless tops from our are made from bamboo, which is sustainably grown since it requires less energy, no pesticides and is 100% biodegradable.

So step out into our beautiful world and start making a difference in your workouts! We promise it will be extra gratifying to know you are doing your part to keep yourself and the world healthy.

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