How to Meditate for Fitness: Practical Tips for Beginners

By now you already know all the benefits of meditation on your lifestyle and overall health. But did you know it can help you during exercise and can help you reach your fitness goals? Yup! Meditation is great because it:

  1. Help you focus on your workout by making you present and in the moment. That means you're less likely to forget what set or rep you are on and where you are on your routine.
  2. It keeps you mindful of your body's movements so you are less likely to get injured.

Now even more reason to start on that meditation practice! But how do you begin? Meditation doesn't exactly seem like a specific task. But we have you covered. Below are a few tips and techniques you can start off with that will help you become a mindful meditation warrior in no time.

Guided meditations

If you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious sitting by yourself and trying to focus, you can try guided meditations. It's a wonderful way to not be "so much in your head" where your thoughts run wild. In most guided meditations, a person will talk you through a specific timeframe and tell you what to focus on. This is usually accompanied by either audio or visual aids to help you get to a certain level of mindfulness. The internet is a wonderful thing and you can find a lot of guided meditation on Youtube, Vimeo or even just a quick Google search.


Candle Staring

    Have you ever been camping or even at home staring at a fire and just gotten lost and absorbed in the flames?  Same principle applies here. If you find your mind racing, just focus on those flames and the shapes they make





Repetition has a calming effect on many people.  Sometimes just the very sounds vibrating from your chest and out of your lips can put you in a state of focus and clarity. Try the





Present Moment Meditation

You can use this technique at anytime. The idea here is to first focus on one sensation in your body and then eventually, extending your focus to your entire body, then outside of your body. You begin by closing your eyes and focusing first on your breathing. Observe how the air you breathe travels through your body, then anything touching your body. After mastering that, expand your attention to anything in your environment that is stimulating your sensations (sound, touch...etc).


These are just a few techniques you can use to help with your meditation practice if you are just beginning. Remember, like with all things in life, consistency is key. Eventually you can start using the techniques you discover through your meditation practice and apply it to your entire life including your fitness regimen.

Have you tried any of these techniques? Let us know what helps you on your meditation and wellness journey!




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