Olivia's Journey: Running with Curves

My running journey started on Valentine's Day 2013, when I decided to take the steps necessary to love me and pursue a healthy life.
I had my twins just about 6 months prior and was balancing raising three
children under 3 years old as my oldest son was 18 months old when my twins arrived. I went to a doctor's appointment for a check up and my doctor wanted to put me on high blood pressure medications. I remember leaving the doctors office saying that I would not fill those scripts and take action. To this day, I have those scripts in a frame, that serve as a reminder of how far I've come.
While I stayed home with my children in the early month, I would go out for walks as prompted by my loved ones to get a break and just have time for myself. I enjoyed these moments and decided that I would make it a habit. I downloaded the Couch to 5K app and started training and before I realized I was a runner. I signed up for my first 5K race which took place in June 2013 and I got bit by the running bug. Thirsting for more, I started to train for my first 10k , which I did that fall and the rest is history. Each time I completed a race, I challenged and pushed myself  which helped me complete 5 half marathons in 2014. The sky was the limit and in early 2014 I decided that I would go for the gold and complete a marathon.

My health improved significantly and the weight fell off and my blood pressure went back to normal and my overall health is great. In November 2015, I completed my first Full marathon a wonderful 26.2 miles in the wonderful city where I grew up, one of the 7 World Major Marathons in NYC. It was an amazing experience and I knew I wanted more. I continued with doing many more races and then last year in October completed my 2nd World Major Marathon in Chicago and then just four weeks later, completed the NYC Marathon a second time since I loved it so much.
I love running because its gives me a time to reflect and challenge myself all while taking care of my temple.  Running is a gift that I enjoying sharing with others. I've enjoyed sharing my story with people from my homeland, as I am originally from Ghana, West Africa, where high blood pressure is a disease that is prevalent. It has been a blessing to share my story and help inspire others to get fit.
I have also started a Black Girls Run chapter in my neighborhood and serve as an Ambassador to help women start and maintain fit lives. My family keeps me motivated, I know that if I healthy I am the best I can be to them. I am my own competition and I am always looking for ways to improve myself.
I am absolutely in love with Lola Getts because Lola indeed "Gets It." I am not what people envision as your typical marathon runner, as I am not a size 4. I am a curvy, strong, empowered woman who is not afraid to chase her dreams and that is exacly what Lola Getts represents. The premium quality clothing line is absolutely amazing and fits like a glove. I have gotten nothing but compliments from people when I wear Lola Getts gear and it just speaks volumes to how good one can look for the gym and every life while being comfortable in the skin that they are in. I do everything in my gear, run errands, run, yoga, lift weights, you name it, Lola's got my back. My fitness story continues and with Lola Getts Active gear, I get to look cute and fierce while narrating it.
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