Summer's Tip on Starting Your Wellness Journey

Summer wearing the Lola Getts Baseball Tee with Mesh Sleeves in black and maroon.

I am motivated to stay fit and healthy because I want to actually live this life I've been given. I want to be preventative so that I don't have to be limited illnesses later in life. I do a lot of different things to stay active, from walks with my dog to classes at the gym, and when all else fails, random dancing around the house is good to build up a sweat! I even get my family and friends involved in the activity, whether it be cooking/trying new recipes or trying the new Zumba class.

My advice for those finding it difficult to start their journey would be to just start moving, find things you actually enjoy doing, and keep doing them! Educate yourself and come up with something that works for you. And don't be afraid to "mess up" or try something you end up not liking, because that's part of the journey too. National Women's Health Week is a great reminder for us to take control of our health and I want to remind you to have fun on the way to being a healthier you!

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More about Summer Wayans:

Summer Wayans is a second generation Wayans, a professional model, TV/Radio personality, an advocate and a philanthropist. You may know some of her family since they are considered “Comedy Royalty”, according to the words of the utmost respected Oprah. She is a motivational speaker specializing in topics pertaining to multicultural communities, ethnic minority youth’s sexual health, bullying, domestic violence, trans-generational stereotypes and LGBT issues—among many other topics. 

As a doctoral candidate specializing in Multiculturalism, Summer is also the co-founder of the Wayans Girl Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c)(3), along with her mother Diedra Wayans. The goal of their foundation is to provide an empowerment and strength based approach to assisting individual’s access resources and support.

You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and her website,

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