The Loni Love Collection is Finally Here!

The Loni Love Collection is officially available for purchase! We partnered with Loni and her stylist Oakley to bring you the best combination of fit and style unique to Loni's fabulous personality. Loni and Oakley wanted this collection to reflect her busy lifestyle. To give you a more information about wat really motivates the style of the collection, we sat down with Loni to answer a few questions.
Tell us what you favorite "active" is? And how do you stay motivated?

LONI: I love walking on the beach. It very refreshing and allows me to think and watch cute men at the same time.

What do you Love about Lola Getts? Why did you choose to do an activewear collection?

LONI: I love the way the clothes look and feel against my skin. Very comfortable and stylish. They are great for working out, traveling or lounging around in!

What is your favorite piece from your collection and why?

LONI: I love the shirts..they cover your body while giving you room to exercise. It better than a t-shirt that can be tight and confined when working out.

When do you wear your Lola Getts? 

LONI: Working out, traveling, going to the studio.

How important is it to live a healthy lifestyle and why?
LONI: Life is easier when you are healthy. No matter what size I am I can always do some it to make my body feel and look better. The clothes from my line help me because I know they fit and look good.

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