What gets you up in the morning?

Recently, I asked this question to several people and was surprised at how many people struggled to answer it; I was surprised only because I have an ever-growing list of things that motivate me in the morning and keep pushing me forward from day to day.

As a teenager, it was all about fashion, crushes on boys, and family; those things held my interest the most and were the first things on my mind in the morning.

Now, I’m motivated by the work I do, whether it be working with my coaching and business clients, writing for Plus Model Magazine, or spending time with women who are actively making the change they want to see in this world. I do have to give much credit to people like Tony Robbins who influenced me in a big way as a young adult.    

Every day is a new day to pursue my goals and passions. I started Dressing Room 8 so that I could motivate women to take action so they can live a life of purpose and joy. This plays a huge role in what gets me up in the morning. To inspire others, I have to feel empowered and excited in my own personal life.

But feeling empowered and motivated everyday is no easy task. That’s why I like to make it a practice to remind myself of the purpose behind the work I do everything, because that is the force that propels me to action.

Here are some of my purposes:

Empowering Women - For me, it’s not enough to try to achieve personal access but to help lift other women through the success I achieve. Money, fame and glory are nice, but pales in comparison to the joy that comes with helping others succeed in their personal and professional lives. These days, I’ve been focusing my work on helping plus size models take their careers to the next level and break into the modeling world (which can be scary and difficult without some guidance). My hope is to help them avoid being taken advantage of or lead astray by predators in the industry.

Inspiring the Youth - I believe it’s important for children to be exposed to the different possibilities that exist for what they can or be in their lives; mentorship is something that can have profound positive effects in children that are long term; while I didn’t have that type of mentor growing up, I hope to pass on whatever knowledge and experience I have to children who don’t necessarily have access it within their own network of family/friends. Right now, I satisfy this purpose through the work I do for a Long Island Girl Talk - a nonprofit organization I help run that provides exposure to jobs in media to girls in low income communities in Long Island.

So those are things that motivate me, now I’d like know what motivates you?

~ Natasha 

More About Natasha and Dressing Room 8:

"I launched Dressing Room 8 because every woman has the ability and right to feel beautiful, intelligent and fulfilled. I have met too many women in my life who are suffering because they hate how they look or feel helplessly stuck in their lives.I’ve personally felt that way earlier on in my life, but have been fortunate enough to have met people who have mentored and helped me change my way of thinking to achieve what I’ve achieved.

So now I want to pay it forward."

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