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Embrace the brands who truly love you for being your size

Why is it that brands want to use “everyone” marketing in their messaging but are truly not made for every size?

We understand that every brand makes the choice to offer specific sizes, however brands have to be careful in the words they use when marketing to consumers.

When a plus size woman sees “Bras for Every Body” and “more options in more sizes” her excitement grows only to be disappointed because they really don’t have her size and probably never will. On the flip side, the brand feels that they are including her by offering some plus sizes ( size 16) but not all.

I recently read an article (  and a blog post by Sarah Conley

( that addresses this.

Both clearly point out that even though plus size women are the majority, most brands don’t want her as a customer regardless of the money to be made.

Bloggers like Grace Atwood of The Stripe are finally realizing that if you are a size 12 or larger it’s hard finding clothes that you love in your size. Grace is now leading the way by caring about the plus size woman who read her blog and look to her for style inspiration.

We at Lola Getts beg to differ. We see all of our Lola Getts Community as beautiful, strong women who demand great products that are made for her. We want you to know how much you are valued, and we are honored to make products that empower you. 

Lola Getts is more than just a brand……. We are a movement.

Lots of Lola,



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