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Why Do Women Feel the Need to Lie About Their Size


Women have a problem being truthful about their size…Why is the number inside the garment so important and tied to self worth?

Let’s be honest no woman likes to share her clothing size regardless if she is a 4, 14, or 24, in fact lying about your real size has become routine. Men clearly do not have this problem, but women definitely do. It seems in today’s world many women feel acceptance and self-worth is tied to being a smaller size than they actually are, and the heavy influence social media plays in our day to day lives.

Lying about your size is especially prevalent when it comes to being plus size, because of all of the stigma society has placed on being a bigger girl.  I recently did a Soul Cycle class and noticed 15% of the women in the class were clearly above a size 12, however not one was wearing activewear that actually fit their bodies. Instead they chose to squeeze themselves into ill-fitting leggings. When the instructor actually made an announcement about Lola Getts and that the founder was in class, not one of these women approached me after to learn more about our brand, and had they done so I would have given them a free pair of leggings to try. It is so obvious that they were uncomfortable acknowledging that they are plus size and do not want to live with the stigma that comes with being bigger than a size 12. They would rather wear a brand not made for them that is ill fitting than admit they need a size larger than a 12.

On one of our sponsored posts, someone left a comment that said “I’m not sure why this is on my feed I’m a size 12” with a crying laughing emoji, however she was actually a size 16.  Obviously, this struck a nerve with several plus size women who are part of the Lola Getts community. These women have accepted their size and embrace it, and chose to leave very encouraging and honest comments about her size and that she is beautiful even if she is a size 16. This exchange between members of the Lola Getts community really spoke volumes to our team. It is crystal clear that we have a long way to go to get society to accept her, and to stop feeling unworthy and not beautiful if you are a bigger woman.

Lola Getts is not only on a mission to change how society perceives and treats her, but how she treats herself.  Collectively we need to de-stigmatize the importance of a number inside your clothing, or the brands that you wear in order to make you feel worthy. Everyone should learn to embrace their body where it is at this moment, and it’s your choice to define your own personal beauty regardless of your size.


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  • I am grateful for this. It verifies that I am not alone. Whatever your goals, the first step is accepting yourself – no matter what size – you are you.

    Barbara Anel

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