[photos image1="barb-1.jpg" image2="barb-2.jpg"] [bio quote= "Be the change that you wish to see in the world and that you wish to see in yourself!" p1="Rural Mom is a blog dedicated to empowering women seeking adventure, creative ideas, farm fresh recipes and moments of joy! We believe coffee should be a food group, every day should be a celebration and farm to table is not a fad, it's simply our way of life. " p2="I often refer to myself as a 'big ol' farm gal' and I am proud to be! Curvy and standing 5'10, I'm not that hard to find in crowd or field. As a mom, homesteader, master gardener, hiker and travel enthusiast, I'm constantly on the move. I need clothes that move with me, no matter my size. Lola Getts totally 'gets' me! It's so important for women to know their worth and to celebrate and cherish who we are. This means taking care of ourselves in every way from our active wear fashion choices to taking time out to enjoy S'mores by a campfire. My grandmother always said 'you're no good to anyone if you're not good to yourself.' And grandma sure knew a thing or two!"]

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