[photos image1="olivia-1.jpg" image2="olivia-2.jpg"] [bio quote="Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one." p1="After the birth of my twins, my doctor told me that I had high blood pressure and that I should start medication. Instead of picking up that prescription, I started running. Since then, I've started an Albany chapter of Black Girls Run, which now has close to 300 members; I've completed three marathons within about the past year; and I've kept my blood pressure at a healthy level." p2="I love running because it gives me the opportunity to overcome my doubts. I'm also proud of shedding light on fitness within the Ghanaian community, where high blood pressure and hypertension are prevalent. I'm always repping my country at my races, and my story has helped inspire other people within the community to get active."] 

You can find Olivia on Instagram at @run_live_run 

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