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With the outbreak of COVID-19 wreaking havoc on us on a global scale, our way of life has changed completely for most of us and we're having to find ways to cope with our new normal.  One thing that we can say we are grateful and proud of is our amazing community of strong women who have really stepped it up in this time of crisis. Just knowing that we have this support has been a great sense of comfort to us. If you are feeling you need support, here are are some resources you can utilize from our community.

  • Our Lola Getts Ambassadors - We pride ourselves in having a diverse group of plus-size ambassadors who encompass a wide spectrum of fitness levels. Each one was chosen for their commitment to our community and dedication to pushing forward the plus-size fitness movement. Find them on their social media to be inspired and motivated by their journey and hopefully encourage you to start/continue on your own.
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  • Weekly Instagram Lives - We host weekly Instagram Lives every Thursday at 6PM PST  where our CEO and founder, Stacey Goldstein gets to know members of our community. Often times, she brings on special guests, mostly fitness leaders in the plus-size space with a unique perspective or story that's truly inspirational. It is a safe space where all attendees are encouraged to speak and let us know what is on their mind.
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  • Live Home Workouts - We know that movement is so important not only for our physical health, but for our mental well being - especially now when everyone is social distancing and isolating. Our ambassadors and other plus-size fitness instructors teach 30-minute workouts on Instagram Live that we also share on our Facebook and Youtube channels several times a week so they are available for you as a resource. They are appropriate for all fitness levels and truly accessible to everyone since they require little to no equipment. Come workout with us!
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We hope you find these resources as helpful to you as they are to us. Please remember that you are not alone - you are part of our community. We are in this together and we will persevere. Take care of each other and stay healthy.

-Team Lola Getts

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