When size inclusion is done right the plus size woman wins

When size inclusion is done right the plus size woman wins

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NPD recently reported , for the first eight months of 2019 (compared to the same period last year), sales of plus-size activewear rose 7%, while missy (regular) sizes decreased 3%. So it’s obvious that the opportunity lies in serving the plus size woman, but most brands just don’t understand how to do it. You can’t just grade up your size 12 and under styles and expect it to work for her body. It takes a lot of knowledge to get it right.

Lola Getts prides itself on being “plus-centric”, which is how we describe the focus on the plus size woman first and then the size 12 and under customer. We have recently launched with Footlocker a size inclusive collection that began with meeting the plus size woman’s needs first.

It began with styles that would work for her body, and still work for the size 12 and under woman too.  We picked fabrications that we knew would flatter the full size range but would be the right weight and compression for the plus size woman to feel comfortable and confident. Both sizes ranges were fitted on separate fit models, so that we could address the unique issues the plus size woman has because she has a bigger body. We took into consideration the shape of the gusset( diamond shape for plus, triangle for size 12 and under) the length of the zipper on the dress( we used a longer zipper so it was easier for the plus size woman) and tweaked each style to fit each size range perfectly. The result being a perfect collection that both the plus size woman and size 12 and under would love to wear.

Footlocker has done a tremendous job in their stores displaying the collection to reflect that Lola Getts gets it right for all sizes. We wanted the plus size customer to have a fun experience shopping our collection with her friends or family who wear size 12 and under.

Getting size inclusion done correctly is something that requires a love of serving the plus size woman first, and we are proud to be one of the true brands that do this.  She knows when a brand is not being authentic and that she is an after thought. It is so important for Lola Getts to stay true to our mission, serving her first.  So when we do do size inclusion she knows who’s thought of first, and this will never change.

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