Lola Getts is more than just a brand we are a community….

What motivates us at Lola Getts is the community of women who wear our product with confidence. It doesn’t always begin this way ... Society has often marginalized her for being plus size and shamed her when she was being active.  We are on a mission to change this by providing her with a strong supportive community that makes her feel good about herself, confidence fits!

 We believe it is our duty to provide her with a safe space so she can share her goals, fears, milestones, and struggles with other plus size women who are like her. We want her to know we truly love and support her regardless of where she is on her get fit and healthy journey.

People don’t realize that when she decides to put her self first, and makes a lifestyle change she often goes on this journey alone. This is incredibly scary no matter who you are and we need to make sure that we are there for you.

 How do we do this at Lola Getts? By creating a Facebook page called Lola Getts Facebook Community.  On this page we want you to be able to share with the community your favorite products, what would be on your product wishlist, and how we can make the best plus size activewear on the market even better. We want our community to share favorite activities, workouts, and to be able to connect with other women. What could be better than having a new workout buddy, walking partner, or new friend who is on the journey like you. 

 We want to be able to share with our Lola Getts Community the women who inspire us, by their incredible stories, milestones, and sheer determination to change how the world perceives her. We hope yo u will join the Lola Getts Facebook Community page.

We collectively need to join together to show the world that plus size women should no longer be the forgotten majority.



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