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I can’t wear that to workout in…. Why? Because I’m Plus Size

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 “ I can’t wear that to workout in, people will look at me because I’m plus size?”  Often the woman who wears size 14 or large feels that because she has a bigger body, she thinks she can’t wear certain styles. Who should determine what she can and cannot wear? We know she wants to look cute in her activewear, we all know wearing something that makes you feel good is so important regardless of your size!

Recently one of our favorites, Coach Tulin who happens to be plus size and in the fitness space, did a Facebook live and asked “What are you waiting for? Wear what you want and stop worrying about what others will think.”  She even talked about her own experience of doing a spin class in a jog bra and leggings. She discussed that she had to get out of her own way, and once she did, she felt liberated from the stigmas that she felt because she was plus size.  She also realized no one made a comment and she was holding herself back. She went on to encourage her followers to wear the tank top and show your arms, wear the shorts you were always afraid to wear, and to stop putting it off because you were afraid what others would think or say. Society often tells her what she can’t wear and what she can’t do because she’s bigger. These thoughts and comments have become ingrained in her mind and this is unfair. So how can we help shift her mindset?

It all comes down to helping her see herself in a different way, by offering her activewear that is on trend but made for her body and looks like it came off of the Carbon38 site. By showing her images of real women who look like her ( Tee Diviniti Smith). Not only are they crushing their workouts they are look really cute in their activewear. They look confident because they feel good about themselves, this is what we at Lola Getts strive to do.

At the end of the day there are still going to be lots of judgmental people telling her what she can’t wear, however it is ultimately her decision to wear what she wants because she feels good about herself.

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