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Wake up fitness industry plus size women workout too, and want to be included in your communities


I often wonder why so many boutique fitness studios, gyms, high tech home fitness equipment, and other trendy fitness crazes fail to acknowledge the plus size woman given everyone is concerned with their health and wellness on some level regardless of their size.

She is continually bombarded by the diet culture to lose weight and get moving however there are clearly no welcoming signs when it comes to the fitness industry.  Do they not realize she wants to be able to be part of their communities and all it would take to get over the “gym-intimidation “hurdle is to see someone that looks like her? Only showing her images of women that are extremely fit with abs of steel is not something she can relate to on any level, however showing her an image of a fit plus size woman would send a very powerful positive message. 

“You are welcome here, we want to include you, we want to support you and we value you!” By sending her an image she can relate to, the fitness industry gains an extremely loyal participant, who is willing to share with her friends her positive experience.

We know that by producing a quality product made for her body we at Lola Getts have been able to create an emotional connection with her. Wearing a garment that supports her invokes a feeling of confidence that she can do any work out or activity.  With that comes the added benefit of her sharing pictures and messages expressing that confidence. There are no words that can describe how this makes us feel.

We want her to know that Lola Getts is a community of supportive woman who will cheer her on, love her for who she is, and encourage her to do whatever makes her happy.


Lola Getts is more than a brand… we are a movement.

Stacey Goldstein

Founder of Lola Getts



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