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Lola Getts was launched with the mission of creating designs and patterns to perfect fit, starting with size 14, instead of beginning from a traditional size 4. This is what makes us an inherently plus centric brand. Over time, we had requests for a broader range of sizes, going down to XS. To address the demand and extend our size range, we knew we had to approach this with the same meticulous attention to detail we always do and do it right. Doing so meant creating a separate set of patterns and designs, with a different set of fit models.

From the proprietary fabric, engineered for a body in motion, the unique textures and patterns that deliver a stylish yet sculpted look, to the design details that make all the difference in comfort and performance, Lola Getts does it right no matter what your size. We will never use the same fit for a size 2 and 22. That means whether straight or curvy, each category has their own sets of patterns, their own fit models, and their own production runs. By doing this we ensure that our apparel fits every body the way it is supposed to: perfectly.

Bodies are different and the fit should reflect that. This is true size inclusivity. That’s our commitment to you.

Battle-tested by our Brand Ambassadors composed of fitness leaders, coaches and influencers, you always know you will get a product that is meant to last.

Thank you for giving our brand a purpose.