What does active look like?

What does active look like?

When you think of what an active, fit person looks like what comes to mind?  For most people they quickly envision someone with ripped muscles, abs of steel, sweating in a glistening way, and of  course lean. But why does this image quickly pop into our minds? It’s simple, society has allowed the fitness industry to dictate for too long what being fit and active looks like.

Lola Getts is on a mission to change this. Plus size women deserve to be included in the fitness space and we believe it begins with having he right activewear to feel confident in. You maybe wondering does what someone wears to workout in really makes a difference? Yes, it does, just ask Kanoa Greene, a plus size fitness coach recently posted on her Instagram a video with the following caption

 “I remember only a few years ago, you NEVER saw plus-size bodies being represented in the fitness industry as much as you do now. Yes, there is MUCH room for growth, but getting to personally know so many plus-size women who are teaching yoga, cardio, and body movement classes around the globe...even seeing more curvy personal trainers out there...I am so here for it!  Lola Getts, thank YOU for making me feel confident and look GREAT for my first time teaching bootcamp “

 The overall consensus is that you can do anything you set your mind to, whether it’s taking a class or teaching a class having the right activewear plays a huge role in the confidence and success factor.

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