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Chrissa Farrell

Fitness and wellness is for EVERY BODY, and your body is just fine!
- Chrissa Farrell Quote

My name is Chrissa, and I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Lifestyle Coach, and plus model. My focus as a trainer and coach is women who want to keep their curves while they seek to become more fit and healthy.

The first 40 years of my life were fraught with depression, low self-esteem, at least a decade of disordered eating, and constant battles with my weight. I also went through 2 pregnancies, and have 2 beautiful young adults as a result. When I hit 40, something inside me flipped, and I started to like myself, then I learned to love myself. The confidence and clarity that came after is indescribable. I realized that I'm just fine regardless of my size, chasing a number on a scale is counterproductive, and that developing habits geared toward wellness does as much for the mind as the body. I've been living a wellness/fitness lifestyle for quite a few years, but far more mindfully for the last 5, and I wouldn't trade one step of my journey for anything.


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