[photos image1="chrissa-1.jpg" image2="chrissa-2.jpg"] [bio quote= "Fitness and wellness is for EVERY BODY, and your body is just fine!" p1="My name is Chrissa, and I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Lifestyle Coach, and plus model. My focus as a trainer and coach is women who want to keep their curves while they seek to become more fit and healthy. " p2="The first 40 years of my life were fraught with depression, low self-esteem, at least a decade of disordered eating, and constant battles with my weight. I also went through 2 pregnancies, and have 2 beautiful young adults as a result. When I hit 40, something inside me flipped, and I started to like myself, then I learned to love myself. The confidence and clarity that came after is indescribable. I realized that I'm just fine regardless of my size, chasing a number on a scale is counterproductive, and that developing habits geared toward wellness does as much for the mind as the body. I've been living a wellness/fitness lifestyle for quite a few years, but far more mindfully for the last 5, and I wouldn't trade one step of my journey for anything."]


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