[photos image1="georgina-1.jpg" image2="georgina-2.jpg"] [bio quote= "Nothing is impossible but you do need to be patient with your body and honor where you are." p1="Born in Mexico where she developed her love of yoga, Georgina became a trained yoga instructor in 2007. Her training has taken her to Spain, Amsterdam, Mexico and all over the US. In 2013 she expanded her yoga to include SUP Yoga and continues to explore all areas of yoga and fitness. Learning she had hip dysplasia meant that she needed to work differently, making use of the various props and modifications that she needed. " p2="Now, as a plus size fitness instructor, she understands how hard it can be to find fitness made for OUR bodies! Her classes are always open to women of all sizes, ages and fitness levels. You will learn how to modify for YOU. Georgina has now expanded her classes to include ones specifically for Plus-Sized women where they feel comfortable, encouraged and supported - the cornerstone for all classes at Azul SUP Yoga, this is her life and her passion."]

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You can find Georgina on:
Instagram at @discoveringgeorgina_ and @azulsupyoga