[photos image1="jivercs-1.jpg" image2="jivercs-2.jpg"] [bio quote= "'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.' - Philippians 4:13" p1="Hi there! I am Jenn, former plus-size model turned world traveler, mother to 3 (+ 1 on the way) and the Instagrammer behind @jivercs. I am best known for how raw, real and relatable I can get with my content. In my personal efforts to better my health in recent years, I have taken up walking and Pilates, the latter of which I have grown quite passionate about! Pilates allows me to strengthen, lengthen and move my body once again even after sustaining spinal cord/disc injuries to my back during childbirth. For me, exercise is all about creating a better quality of life in my body and that is my end goal." p2="I created the hashtag #PlusSizePilates so my fellow Pilates loving babes can have a community of support to connect and find one another…because finding a plus size woman working out along side you can be as rare as seeing a unicorn….and it shouldn’t be! ALL bodies deserve a space in the fitness world to better themselves just as much as the next person does."]


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