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Do you Know Lizzo, you should? Her Body Positivity is Contagious

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If there was ever a time where feeling sexy and stylish was most fitting, it’s definitely in the presence of Lizzo herself, a body-positive icon who loves you just as much as she loves herself. She is a proudly plus-size woman who avoids the easy classifications of “sexy but plus-size” and “sexy for someone plus-size,” and firmly claims the label of “sexy and plus-size.” She is, without a doubt, an icon, just watch her video for “Juice.” On Lizzo’s stage is a crew of all plus-size dancers called The Big GRRRLS (When are tryouts? If learning a few moves means getting to hang with Lizzo, sign us up).

Wouldn’t it be great to feel like Lizzo and embrace your body? While you may not feel as comfortable baring it all’ and all the glamour that comes with being a popstar, Lola Getts has expanded our collection to include dresses that are sure to make you feel sexy, powerful, confident, or all the above at any time of day. We want you to unlock the joy that comes with looking great, feeling great, and proudly owning it!

While it’s hard to imagine otherwise in 2019, Lizzo didn’t always have her trademark confidence in her body. According to a New York Times interview

, she used to use saran wrap in her middle school years to alter the shape of her body. It’s heartbreaking that young girls are made to feel so ashamed at such a young age, but we’re all familiar with this kind of pressure. Lizzo’s undoubtedly still not immune to the pressures of being a plus sized woman, but she’s a radical--one who preaches the most generous form of radicalism imaginable: self-acceptance and self-confidence..

At Lola Getts, there’s nothing we like hearing more than that kind of radical acceptance of our bodies and others’. We’re more than just a brand; we’re part of a movement, and as the definition of feminism evolves, our mission and Lizzo’s seem to overlap; Women should be allowed to feel beautiful, love and enjoy their own bodies and to allow their natural light to shine!

Don’t forget to catch up on Lizzo videos and browse our new dresses in a variety of styles and colorways for any occasion. Maybe wear one to the next Lizzo show!

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