lola getts

we getts you!

There is nothing worse than ill-fitting, uncomfortable activewear. No one needs a wardrobe malfunction in downward dog. Enough said! You need a product that moves with you, that flatters your curves, makes you feel confident and looks as good on its tenth wear as it does on its first.

Your Fit

Unlike most of our competitors, Lola Getts is made exclusively for the curvy woman.  So all style decisions, fit decisions and cuts are made with you in mind. No sizing on a size 4 and scaling up. 

We fit all of our garments on a size 16 fit model and will not go into production until it is perfect. 

Fit is one thing we will not compromise on, so why should you?


After fit, fabric and sewing are our second obsession.  We shop the technical fabric market and choose fabrics that are soft and luxurious but still have the right amount of stretch and compression, allowing for a worry-free wear every time.  

We strategically place every seam on our garment to enhance and support your curves.  Our diamond shape crotch guarantees a camel-toe-free wear and our flat lock stitching means no more worrying about chafing or opening seams. You never have to worry about your leggings being see-through. 

We’ve got your back . . . literally! 

Made in L.A.

Designed, cut and manufactured in downtown LA so we can oversee each and every aspect of our product. 

Supporting the economy is very important to us. Some may call us control freaks but we call it caring. To us, it is just as important to have a great fitting garment as it is to have a lasting one. That is why we are so relentless about the fabric that we chose, how we sew it and who we trust to manufacture it.

When you wear your Lola Getts it should feel and look like it’s your very first time, every time.