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Lola Getts: More than just a brand, we're a movement

My name is Stacey, Goldstein Founder of Lola Getts first and fore most I would like to thank all of you amazing women for giving our brand a purpose!  I decided to start a monthly blog post so all of you can learn about me, the mission of the brand and how you can keep on inspiring us to give you the products you truly deserve.

 Becoming an entrepreneur over 50 years old years old is probably the biggest challenge in my life so far, and I wouldn't do anything differently. I have two incredible sons, a supportive and wonderful significant other, and a Lola Getts team who are as passionate about serving you as I am. 

You maybe be wondering what does she know about the plus size woman, she’s not plus size? I must admit this is a great question. Here is what I do know, that regardless of your size you demand a great quality product that fits amazing and is made really well. And why would she care about us? Because everyone deserves to look and feel their best regardless of their size. What works for a size 2 doesn't work for a size 22, and we want you to be able to show off your best curves and assets.

I can promise this will always be what’s most important to us along with how we can support you. We truly want to hear feedback, that’s the only way we can become better, leave reviews or email me directly .

Some think I am courageous to take on such a lofty endeavor, but I see it differently. Not everyone has the ability to start a brand. Has it been difficult absolutely, there are stressors every day that I face, but I know it’s all worth it.

You may be wondering how do I define success for Lola Getts?  When we see pictures you post wearing our product, when customers tell us how they did a workout wearing our product that they never thought they could do, when we see her smiling and feeling so good about herself when she wears Lola Getts, and when we hear how we’ve made a difference in her life. That’s  my definition of being a successful brand.

You see we are more than just a brand we are a movement!

Our goal is to make you feel like the powerful woman you truly are. We want to change how you are treated. You demand to feel confident and comfortable in whatever you do.




And with Lola Getts Behind you, Look at world, she’s coming!

Please keep on  inspiring  us with your inspirational stories and pictures, style tips and just being you.

Thank you for giving our brand a purpose…

 Lot’s of Lola Love,



If you want to learn more about what motivates all of us here at Lola Getts, listen to  "The Story Behind The Brand" podcast where I did a 2 episode interview with Ramon Vela about representing the Forgotten Majority.

 You can find it on Google Play, Stitcher & iTunes




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