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coach tulin


Coach Tulin is a plus size health and fitness motivator and mentor. She advocates for those starting or re-engaging in fitness. Her mantra is “fit has no size” and is dedicated to bridging the gap between those that are plus size and the health and fitness industry. Coach Tulin has always been a supporter of plus size women having been a plus size model, consultant for several plus size brands, as well as a plus size magazine executive, and marketing professional. Coach Tulin believes that plus size women pursuing a healthy lifestyle should be appealed to, not dismissed as a “before picture” as we often see in advertisements.

She advocates that all women, regardless of where they are on the size or fitness spectrum, are on a journey and that we are much more alike in our thoughts, feelings, and struggles, than different. Through this process she has empowered women to try and do the things they have dreamed of while embracing the power of modification and challenging themselves daily.


Coach Tulin