[photos image1="edyn-1.jpg" image2="edyn-2.jpg"] [bio quote= "Keep an open mind, Keep an open heart, practice unconditional compassion BUT don’t take crap from anyone" p1="I, Edyn, am a size inclusive yoga teacher on a mission to prove wellness doesn’t have a size and it isn't a luxury. I have spent so much time in fitness studios most of them made me feel like an outsider. I rarely saw another person of size or color as a participant or instructor. I believe this to be a huge disservice, representation can be the deciding factor in someone choosing to change their LIFE. I knew I had to be representation for the people and communities I love the most. I'm not going to lie, I doubted myself 'can a plus size woman talk about health and wellness?' I asked myself. The answer was hell yes I can, this is what I am called to do!"p2="We all deserve to be well, free from diet culture, and to have wellness influences that are relatable and in the thick of it with us! I want to empower you to live a lifestyle rooted in self-love and body neutrality. The garden of edyn community is a supportive place to grow in your practice and self love."]

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