[photos image1="kanoa-1.jpg" image2="kanoa-2.jpg"] [bio quote= "Fitness is about me seeing what this body can DO - not to see what it can look like" p1="Plus-size surfer, adventurer and fitness coach, Kanoa believes that as plus-size women, we can do hard things at any weight, shape or size. Living by her mantra - “Fitness is about seeing what this body can DO - not to see what it can look like” - she has proven that plus-size bodies can truly do ANYTHING if you have the courage to believe in yourself and go for it." p2="Whether you’re in one of her live bootcamp classes or plugged into her online body-positive fitness community, Kanoa helps women gain the strength, agility and endurance they need to live their best and wildest adventures. Breaking down barriers and stereotypes, she has created the world's first Surf & Yoga Retreat for plus-size women and is continuously advocating for size inclusivity and representation within the fitness, fashion and active outdoor industries.]

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You can find Kanoa on:
Instagram at @kanoagreene