[photos image1="lisajo-1.jpg" image2="lisajo-2.jpg"] [bio quote= "JUST SHOW UP!!!" p1="When you hear mention of Lisa Jo (AKA LJ & Jo Jo) you will immediately be gifted with a tale of determination and inspiration. At the age of 55 - she has truly started living the large life she always knew was inside of her. " p2="When asked how she turned her life around - she says, “the internet algorithm gods” intervened and put before her a trainer that specializes in coaching plus size women. She feels blessed to have seen a video of this trainer working with a woman that looked just like her - doing the things that she wanted to be doing - but didn’t know how to start doing on her own. Lisa Jo had always seen athletes and people working towards their fitness goals but nobody looked like her and she felt like giving up. Walking to the mailbox seemed like a chore! Through FaceTime - she and her coach put in the time and within a year she was feeling not just willing - but also able!!!! In the pursuit of being 'more fit' she lost 130 lbs and has been found doing Super Sprint triathlons, Spartan races and muddy races, too! She credits the life WIN to the dedication of her coach, also by saturating her “feed” with body positive & inclusive talents and by, showing up. She has totally embraced her new lifestyle and has felt blessed by a wonderful support system at home & coaches and friends at her local gym. She has just committed to trying out a new class at the gym each week! She humbly shares her story now on social media ( LJLOSINGLBS on instagram) to be the person that inspires others and daily (!!) she receives messages form all over the world thanking her for sharing and letting her know that she was the reason that they started moving more! Her personal mantra has been “JUST SHOW UP.” She says when you commit to showing up for yourself - great things happen!! Catch her if you can!!!!! "]


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