[photos image1="sami-1.jpg" image2="sami-2.jpg"] [bio quote="You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé" p1="I’ve been a curvy ambassador for as long as I can remember and curvy even longer. I was born in a regular, meat and-potatoes-finish-your-plate kind of family in the Midwest. I started traveling at 19 and was ecstatically surprised to find, in each place I visited, other women like me in the world and they were HAPPY! " p2="As a kid, I never saw anyone who looked like me; big like me, being celebrated in the athletic world, so I was extremely shy, thinking everyone would laugh at me for being fat while running down the court. Thankfully, Ashley Graham appeared and the world was like, okay! Then, I started feeling like “I can wear workout clothes, I can lift heavy weights, hell yeah I can run a 10K if I want.” Today, I cycle on my Peloton and lift heavy with a personal trainer. There is space for me and I can fit in and still stand out at any size."]

You can find Sami in Instagram at @strongsamiciaccio

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