[photos image1="tiff-1.jpg" image2="tiff-2.jpg"] [bio quote= "Fitness isn’t a path to skinny, it’s a path to living life well." p1="I am a wife and mom to three who thought that my life would be forever changed for the better if I could just lose weight and get skinny. I jumped on the popular diet band wagon and lost half my body weight. In doing so, I skipped out on a lot of gatherings with family, friends and especially my kids. I kept telling myself that being skinny was worth every missed memory. Fast forward 2 years, several injuries and a hormonal imbalance due to prolonged calorie restriction and I was exhausted and a lot farther from healthy than I thought. Society told me I looked amazing but I didn’t feel amazing and my health was suffering from the intensity of training/dieting to keep the weight off."p2="I started my recovery, gained some weight and realized that I was living a more joyful life as I focused on overall health and not my pants size. I knew I couldn’t be the only woman who had given up a happy healthy life in order to lose weight. For this reason, I became a personal trainer with the mission of helping other women realize that focusing on health is more rewarding than fitting into your high school skinny jeans. Being a fit woman looks different on every body, despite what we may see portrayed in social media. I am here to represent and uplift those of us who are breaking the mold and rocking fit at any size."]

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